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. >> this is from this morning's "washington post." you can draw an analogy to two former president, franklin roosevelt and dwight eisenhower, finding parallels to what fdr delivered in his second address in 1937, and what eisenhower faced in 1957. >> the roosevelt second inaugural address is interesting to read because it really is of a peace with first inaugural. the president said, i came in with a huge crisis, i have been leading this country through, we're on the right path. we are going to keep going. he has a phrase in there -- have we found our happy valley? it was a very fine speech. i would have to go back and look at it again. i do not read it as being an aggressive speak. he was speaking to the whole country, but he was not in campaign mode. roosevelt was very good in that way. of course, eisenhower never sounded like that. >> that speech is recognized as one of the better second inaugurals. i think it does echoes some of the themes of obama, president obama. one of back and look the lines in that speech is, i see a nation ill-clothed -- one-third of the nation. he talked about in
franklin d. roosevelt to take the oath of office four times. in 2009, he took the oath twice because, in a do-over, performed the day after chief justice john roberts tripped on his lines during the first inauguration. >> within a few days, the president will be walking from that part of the capitol right here, and then down these stairs. >> suarez: new york democratic senator chuck schumer is chairman of the joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies, which oversees all of the inaugural rituals related to the capitol. >> there's no tanks in the streets, there's no rioting or picketing or protesting. it's a beautiful thing about america that the inauguration reminds us of. with all the trouble we have, the inauguration symbolizes that the republic marches onward. >> suarez: the president's inauguration will begin, as it did four years ago, with a national day of service tomorrow where people will be encouraged to pledge a year's effort to community organizations. at the inauguration itself, there are a few firsts. >> 150 years after the emancipation proclamation was signed
pocos demócratas que tiene un segundo mandato, después de franklin d. roosevelt, pero también es una imagen de la virtud de su mandato de hace 4 años, donde, creo que has comentado antes, desaparece el factor étnico, es realmente el presidente de los estadounidenses. >>> y realmente la cuestión racial queda a un lado, o trata de quedar a un lado. >>> así es, eso es muy claro. >>> veamos >>> gracias muchísimas gracias, vicepresidente biden, presidente de la corte suprema, miembros del congreso de estados unidos, distinguidos invitados, y conciudadanos cada vez que nos reunimos para la toma de posesión de un presidente, somos testigos de la fortaleza de nuestra constitución, afirmamos la promesa de nuestra democracia lo que une a nuestra nación, no es el color de nuestra piel o el origen de nuestros nombres o nuestra fe, lo que nos hace excepcionales, lo que nos hace estadounidenses, es nuestra fidelidad a una idea articulada en una declaración que se hizo hace más de 200 años, consideramos que estas verdades son evidentes por sí mismas, que todos los hombres son creados ig
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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